5 Reasons Fashion Influencers Now Vouch For Vintage Pattern Flannel Buttoned Jackets

5 Reasons Fashion Influencers Now Vouch For Vintage Pattern Flannel Buttoned Jackets

Do you like to wear comfortable jackets with soft fiber materials? If that’s your case, you can now consider buying Vintage Pattern Flannel Buttoned Jackets from Kellju’s latest collection.

But do you know why most people, especially the ones who are into the American fashion game today, like to wear these particular jackets? If you are not very sure yet, check out these 5 reasons to wear Vintage Pattern Flannel Buttoned Jackets for a great fashion statement.

  1. Breathability and warmth

Loosely spun cotton materials make this Flannel material and it is brushed on a single side for creating a soft nap. You can find these jackets with traditional plaid designs, but you can also buy these flannel buttoned jackets in different styles.

Thanks to loosely woven cotton materials, the flannel jackets have become a popular choice for its breathability as well as warmth. If you want, you can also choose flannel, containing other fibers such as silk and wool.

  1. Temperature regulation

Flannel uses natural cotton fibers - it has either twill or plain weave. In both of these cases, loose weaving helps to promote good airflow through threads. In this way, such breathability can make flannel jackets suited for temperature regulation.

Moreover, flannel has excellent breathability. So, chances are less that you feel uncomfortable in your jacket if the weather is not that cold.

  1. Durability

Flannel can eventually collect little bobbles on its surface and retain its softness as well as appearance for a long time. However, more importantly, you can wear this flannel jacket as it can last for a long time.

In case of fleece jackets, fleece loses its fluffy surface and turns into a thick mat. Additionally, fleece can lose tiny microfibers after every wash. Hence, to solve this problem, you can prefer a Vintage Pattern Flannel Buttoned Jacket. The flannel material of this jacket does not lose its softness quickly like fleece.

  1. Easy care

Are you concerned about washing your beautiful flannel jacket? Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. With this blog, we are sharing a super easy cleaning hack for your flannel button up jacket. Check these easy steps to clean such jackets!

Step 1: Keep the jacket inside the washing machine

Step 2: Set the machine to the delicate cycle for reducing friction while the clothes can rub against one another

Step 3: Set the machine to cold water as hot water can shrink the flannel jacket

Step 4: Avoid using fabric softener or bleach in your laundry detergent as it can damage the fabric

Step 5: Avoid adding different materials as if these other fabrics make a lint, it can stick to flannel.

  1. Great fashion statement

While it’s good as minimalist apparel that you can put on you anytime, these flannel jackets give plenty of scopes to try fashionable OOTD looks with mixing and matching it other items. For example, you can use it as a cover up or layer it with a cool t-shirt.

To buy a Vintage Pattern Flannel Buttoned Jacket, contact us today.